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Newborn Care & Needs

Newborn Care and Needs

All babies have different needs and you as a parent have to be confident in fulfilling the needs of your Newborn.

Looking after your baby at home can feel overwhelming. Many parents have mixed emotions, which is normal the thought of being totally responsible for this tiny person can make you anxious because everyone wants the best for their child.

With women and families wellbeing you will have the benefit from support via What’s App of your very own Midwife and if needed for an additional cost an extra helping hand with daily or weekly visits. Our experienced midwives will give mums and dads evidence-based support and guidance, providing advice and being there when you need them, referring to the Obstetric team when needed

These may include but, not limited to:

Handling a Newborn (including supporting the baby's neck)
Hygiene and safety (changing nappies, bathing, dressing, etc.)
Preventing Nappy rash
Improving feeding patterns (bottle- and breast-feeding support and burping techniques)
Bonding and understanding baby cues & communication
Cleaning the umbilical cord
Caring for a healing circumcision 
Importance of tummy time and cuddles
Sleep routine
We advise on colic and gas issues
Digestion issues e.g. reflux
Basic First Aid

What’s App “The Midwife

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