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The Health Visitor

The Health Visitor is a specialist from a nursing or midwifery background who has had further training in community and public health, they work with families and children aged 0 to five, they identify health and learning needs as early as possible to improve health and wellbeing.

They are highly trained in the Healthy Child Programme, in England every child has their own named health visitor that supports the family and all their child’s needs and are essential in ensuring every child has the best start in life.

We will routinely support you and your new baby from 37 weeks pregnant to five years of age, making sure you are supported through What’s App with any queries or concerns, we will share our expert and knowledge to identify needs and determine risks. We work in partnership with some of the best clinical professionals to make sure the right support is provided as early as possible with any issues you may be faced with, up until your child is five.

We also for an additional cost facilitate face to face meetings with your Health Visitor We also work with different professionals, including early years practitioners, paediatric professionals, GPs, school nurses, and other health professionals, to support your family’s needs.

We will Support parents during their transition to parenthood and in the weeks following the birth of their baby (At an affordable price) also organise social events so you can meet others with babies and children the same age

Provide support and advice for the initiation and duration of breast feeding, infant feeding and healthy eating for young children (We have our own lactation specialist who will assist you one to one in your own home at an affordable price)

Assessing children’s growth promoting healthy weight and healthy nutrition to prevent childhood obesity through behaviour change techniques and development (Visiting once a month for an additional cost to weigh and make sure your child is reaching its milestone, including the two-year health review and making sure they are ready for nursery or school)

Promoting the best start in speech, language and communication including identification of need and additional support to be ready to learn (advising on how children learn languages from an early age)

We Support maternal and infant mental health and behaviour issues

We give advice and support on:-

Minor illness
Safer and regular sleeping patterns, car seat safety
Home safety
Accident prevention and first aid courses (at an additional cost) for pediatric first aid and safety

What’s App “The Health Visitor” for support and further information on any of the services.