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The Midwife

The midwife is a trained health professional. The role of a midwife is to make vital contribution to the quality and safety of maternity care. The midwifes role is to provide skilled, knowledgeable, respectful, and compassionate care for all women, newborn infants and their families.

The Midwife supports women and gives advice about labour, delivery, and after the birth of their babies called the postnatal period,

You will be assigned a midwife who will be your personal adviser through your pregnancy until your baby is 10 days old. The Midwife will not only have more than 10 years’ experience in all aspects of midwifery care but will also have children of her own so not only will have theory-based advice but will have practical advice as well from life experiences.

What will the Midwife do:-

The midwife will provide advice before, during, or after your pregnancy.

The midwife will:

Make sure you receive the correct monitoring for your physical and psychological well-being
Advise how to plan for a birth and steps to get the Birth you want
Advice on your diet, exercise and staying healthy
Educate and counsel you about pregnancy and newborn care
Provide you with emotional and practical support during all aspects of your pregnancy and labour
Assist in making sure your care pathway is the right one for you
Make sure you have access to the education you need so you can make informed choices about the delivery you want
Make referrals to a highly experienced Obstetric team, who will facilitate the kind of care and birth you want making sure you get the best evidence-based gold standard care

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