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The Happiness Coach

The role of a marriage guru is to provide a safe, neutral medium for couples to talk openly about what is disrupting the marriage. The guru is highly skilled at making sure each person fights or discusses fairly, without the sense that one person is bullying the other or dominating the discussion the What’s App group is the only group were 3 people are permitted access Husband, Wife and Marriage Guru.

Sometimes, for whatever reason marriages get lost, this could be because of a busy lifestyle, losing site of your mutual goals. It is the Marriage Guru responsibility to try to bring couples back to being considerate and thoughtful of each other and help them remember how well they used to work together.

The Marriage Guru is not there to tell you both whether you should stay together or divorce. Instead, they will help you to talk to each other in a way that gets real results without the other person feeling they are in the wrong.

The Marriage Guru will teach you how to better listen to each other and compromise, so you have more of a fulfilling marriage

Couples in time sometimes typically forget marriage rules which include:- Remembering you are a team and ultimately want to get along;

Being mindful of your gestures and making your greetings count;

Practicing good manners with each other.

Sometimes, it’s the little issues that make a big mountain in a marriage, and it is the Marriage Guru’s job to get the couple to focus on what is really important, the unity they have and the values they both hold.

When couples face problems or challenges they cannot overcome on their own, they often consult a Marriage Guru for guidance. They help couples develop better communication patterns, understanding of each other’s needs and resolve differences so their marriage can be as happy as it was in the beginning.

What’s App “The Marriage Guru” for further information and help.